website is dead, but who is going to miss it?

An article posted on ZDNet says that the website is now dead and just re-directs to a basic MSDN website. 

The bad part of the walk away from Silverlight by MS is the amount of people that have created and sold and are still creating and selling really good LOB applications based on the technology. This group got to leverage easy and extensible XAML based UIs with familiar and well known C sharp backends. 

I know this group exists, but that’s a small portion of developers and users. but what I want to know is…

Who is going to miss Silverlight?

Seriously. Outside of the group of companies that have LOB apps written in Silvelight, who really uses Silverlight. So far, I can only think of two major users of Silverlight…

  • Netflix. From my knowledge, only when it comes to web delivery. I don’t know the technologies it uses when it comes to delivering video to other platforms(PS3, WEb TVs,  etc.), but I think once the  move from Silverlight is made, no one on the web will miss it.
  • The Olympics. If I remember right the previous Olympic live streaming coverages were done in SL.  I’ll bet money that 2016 it won’t be. No way the Olympics is going to miss out on the ability to stream to mobile devices(which will probably be the main form of personal consumer computing by then).

So, what other majors users of SL are out there that I didn’t list? In other words, when it’s gone, why will we miss it?